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Welcome to the Festifric Law Group

We are here to help you find the best lawyers in the Miami Florida area to serve you. Please feel free to browse our website and read more about our company to learn how we may help you. Also check out our featured law group this week. The 2015 featured law group is Paul Petruzzi and his contact information is below so you may learn amore and contact him to help fight your case!

Our Best Lawyer of 2015!

We have voted Paul D. Petruzzi as the Best law firm in the Miami, FL area. Check out Petruzzi Law Group with the contact information that we have listed below. and you may also visit Criminal Lawyer Miami Paul D.Petruzzi for their Facebook page or leave a review on their Paul Petruzzi Google+ page or see Miami criminal lawyer Avvo reviews.

Law Offices of Paul D. Petruzzi PA
169 East Flagler Street #1241
Miami, FL 33131


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I retained Mr. Petruzzi after going through another horrible attorney which I won’t name. I was so surprised that I could actually reach him over…
Paul is a phenomenal lawyer withan incredible skill in technical strategies. He knows the system well and can direct you through the maze of how the government works to manipulate their way to a successful conviction. i foiund that he was a mastermind with how he can maneuver through their mine fields and get you (me) the very best results without too much pain and suffering. Most people who end up caught in the riptide of the system are foolish enough to think they can use the same tactics for the government that they used in their illegal activities and it will only drown you. Like swimming aginst the current. the one thing that Paul will do with great efficiency is find a way to get the least path of resitence and help you get back home as quickly and easily as possible. I admire his candor and forthrightness and how he handled me was perfect in the sense that i was able to get a very short sentence and am home now. I have finally learned my lessons about which side of the road to walk and it was the fact that Paul was able to get me a short enough sentence with the scare of a longer one that has helped me right my ways.
He is a little abrasive and not the most personable when it comes to dealing with him but putting that aside, I’d rather have him treating me that way and doing the right thing for me and my family than having some friendly lawyer come in and get me sent into orbit as he is waving goodbye from the courtroom. If you have gotten yourself in trouble then there is no better lawyer out there to help you get this behind you and home as quickly as possible. just do not expect to tell him to do anything because he does what is the right thing to do for you and not what you think is the right thing to do for you.
Criminal Lawyer
Date published: 03/02/2015
5 / 5 stars